This or That: Your Neighbor Is a Stomper or a Bed Rocker?

You just moved into a new apartment, and while you used to live on the top floor, you’re now living right in the middle. You haven’t had many issues with the building as a whole, and you’ve never even seen or heard your downstairs neighbor, but it only takes a week for you to realize your upstairs neighbor may be a problem. Would if be worse if . . .

This: All you hear when she’s home is the stomping of feet or the booming voices from her TV? Worse still, she seems to have a strange habit of watching TV in the middle of the night; the reverberations of infomercials keep you up.

Or . . .

That: She’s fairly quiet until she’s having loud and very kinky sex (in all rooms of the house)? You’d get over it more easily if it didn’t happen all week long!