Win an iPad and Help Pick Best Teen Heartthrob of All Time

Clash of the Pirates: Johnny Depp vs. Orlando Bloom

Win an iPad and Help Pick Best Teen Heartthrob of All Time

The fight for the title of best teen heartthrob of all time has come down to two dreamy men: Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. As the reigning sexiest man alive, you might think Johnny Depp has this contest under control. But you would be wrong! He's currently losing by more than 300 votes to Orlando, who is a force to be reckoned with after starring in two of the biggest trilogies of the past decade.

So how did they get here? Orlando triumphed over Usher, Justin Timberlake, John Stamos, Freddie Prince Jr., and Leonardo DiCaprio in previous rounds of our bracket. Johnny made it to the finals after beating Scott Baio, Prince William, Patrick Swayze, Patrick Dempsey, and Brad Pitt. And now we're left with these two very hot, and very different, heartthrobs. Check out how they stack up against each other. And don't forget to vote! You'll be entered to win an iPad. The bracket closes tomorrow at 6 p.m. EDT!


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