Wild West! 22% Think States Have Right to Secede—Some Did!

Ride 'em cowboys! Here's a little poll for you state's rights-ers out there: a new Zogby poll shows that one in five Americans believe that any state or region has the right to "peaceably secede from the United States and become an independent republic." Those in the South and East agreed a little stronger with the notion of ditching the "United" part (perhaps because they've done it before?) and young people agreed with the notion much more strongly — 40 percent of them in fact.

It's one thing to believe in it — but would they support an secession effort by their state? Yup, 18 percent would buy in, with another 10 percent not being sure.

Though the South Carolina secession could be the most famous historical example of breaking away, the Times has a smashing tale of a rogue state fantasy of rebels in 1939 to grab chunks of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana to form a new state, Absaroka. The plan was complete with license plates, a Miss Absaroka 1939, and a visit from a foreign King (of Norway.)

If this tale, combined with the fact that 22 percent believe a state can secede — should the US be fearing for the union? Would you support an effort to secede?