Who's the Terrorist? Syria Calls US Raid "Terrorist Aggression"

Who's the Terrorist? Syria Calls US Raid "Terrorist Aggression"

Tensions are boiling in the Middle East after a US Special Operations mission took place inside Syria along its border with Iraq. On Sunday, reports broke that US helicopters, coming from Iraq, entered Syrian airspace to attack civilian buildings, killing eight people. The US confirmed the operation, without giving any details.

Now, Syria and Iran are speaking out against the "war crime." Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "Iran condemns in strongest terms any form of aggression or violation of the states’ territorial integrity, which leads to the death of innocent civilians." And as for Syria itself, the foreign minister spoke out today saying:

We consider this criminal and terrorist aggression. We put the responsibility on the American government. Killing civilians in international law means a terrorist aggression.

While the Europeans move toward warmer relations with Syria, the Bush Administration has contended for some time that the Syrians must do more to control the movement of insurgents along the border. The details behind the hit are still unclear, but some suspect Bush took a parting shot at what he deems an uncooperative country with ties too close to Iran.