Who Is Ryan Lochte?

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Get to Know the Lochtenator

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Get to Know the Lochtenator

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, aka "The Lochtenator," will be gracing our TV screens with his ripped body and mischievous smile on his new reality TV show What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, premiering Sunday, April 21. We're excited for more musings from the gold medalist — check out some of our favorites on Ryan Lochte Says . . . !

Ryan's been a busy boy between playing a sex idiot on 30 Rock, peeing in pools, sharing details of his love life, throwing his name in for The Bachelor, and hanging out with Prince Harry in Vegas. Not to mention promoting his budding fashion career by sitting front row at fashion week and posing on magazine covers like Vogue. But don't forget the swimming part!

The American swimmer is an 11-time Olympic medalist and has carried both World Swimmer of the Year and American Swimmer of the Year titles. And with seven individual Olympic medals he's the second highest-ranking Olympic medalist in men's swimming after Michael Phelps. Ryan is known to sport a diamond-encrusted grill, and aside from his thing for sparkly teeth, some other fun facts about the sexy swimmer include that his mother is Cuban, he majored in sports management in college, and he has a tattoo of the Olympic rings on the inside of his right bicep. Check out the photo album of the "Lochtenator" now! (And try not to drool.)

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