Who Is Pippa Middleton? 2011-03-01 15:59:35

Who Is Pippa Middleton?

Pippa Middleton

Kate Middleton's sister Pippa got a wedding warmup last weekend at the marriage of fancy-sounding couple Lady Katie Percy and Patrick Valentine. Since the 27-year-old will be at her big sister's side when Kate officially becomes the future queen of England, we can expect to see more of Pippa.

From last weekend's photos, we know Pippa enjoys a fantastic fascinator as much as her sister. So what else do they have in common? Much like her "Waity Katie" sister, the English press has given "Perfect Pippa" her own, albeit more flattering, nickname. Following the announcement that Pippa would act as maid of honor, the Daily Mail went as far as to ask, "Sure you picked the right sister Wills?" But based on their apparent closeness, and the fact that Pippa already has her own boyfriend (and a Churchill ex), it seems like any rivalry between the Middleton sisters is nothing more than a tabloid fantasy.

When she's not helping with wedding planning, Pippa works part-time for the family party-supply business, as Kate did up until recently. In fact, the younger Middleton runs Party Pieces' online magazine (looks like a blog to me!), The Party Times. And while they're both apparently spoken for, some say Pippa's party planning experience would make her a perfect match for royal party boy Prince Harry. Get to know Pippa with a look at her public moments!

Source: WireImage, Getty