Who's More Trashy: Naples vs. San Francisco

Who's More Trashy: Naples vs. San Francisco

The European Commission (EC) has filed a suit against Italy in the European Court of Justice. The EC thinks a lawsuit will clean up Naples, Italy, which has been enveloped in piles of trash and a toxic stench, as seen in the pictures below. The EC hopes that potential harsh fines will prompt politicians to take more serious action to end the massive years-long garbage crisis, brought on by organized crime.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, residents recycle 70 percent of their waste. Recycling-obsessed Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to give city residents an incentive to take their recycling prowess to the next level — either they recycle, or they don't get their trash picked up.

Mayor Newsom is proposing legislation that would make it mandatory to recycle cans, bottles, paper, yard waste, and food scraps. So it looks like recycling may no longer be something you do to feel good about yourself — it will be the law. Newsom told the New York Times what's behind his plan:

It’s purposefulness that could otherwise be construed as ego. You want to be the greatest city. You want to be the leading city. You want to be on the cutting edge. I’m very intense about it.

Should recycling be mandatory? Will the Newsom's proposal make San Francisco the next Naples, if residents get lazy about recycling? Can a lawsuit clean up Naples, or is it just a waste of time?