White House Swing Set Pictures

Sasha and Malia Are Swing Set

Yesterday Sasha and Malia came home to find a fancy new swing set just outside dad's Oval Office. They "squealed with delight," when they saw it, "for almost an hour."

The bling set includes a picnic table with brass plates, etched with the names of the 44 US presidents. But the Chicago Tribune wants us to know the Obamas did not make the most lavish choice. While it includes four swings, a slide, a fort, and a climbing wall, it lacks the spiral sides, roomy lofts, and towering tents other, more decadent, sets boast.

I'd be excited if it was one swing tied from a tree (fine, that was me). I'm just waiting for pictures of the girls playing through the long afternoons daylight savings this weekend (you're welcome) will bring.