What's Not to Like About Nice People

What's Not to Like About Nice People

I'm sure you don't need to tell the man who was beaten up after trying to hug a stranger on a Brooklyn street that kindness isn't always appreciated. Maybe because hugs from strangers can so easily be mistaken for assault?

Now there's science to back up this turnoff to friendliness. A study found the two types of people most likely to be shunned from groups are selfish moochers and selfless do-gooders. In a way, it makes sense. When a person gives more than everyone around them, people feel bad and worry how they'll look. Nobody likes that!

As with anything that appears too good to be true, we get suspicious. Overly friendly motives will be questioned, and most people will pass up the opportunity to get to know society's top nice tier unless binded by family, work, or shared friends.

Has anyone ever been so nice you felt mean?

Photo courtesy HBO