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Wes Anderson's Guide to Love

Wes Anderson's Guide to Love

As a self-proclaimed Wes Anderson junkie, I can't wait for Friday's release of his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. In what looks to be another classic from the famed director, the romance between lobby boy Zero (Tony Revolori) and Saoirse Ronan's Agatha is reminiscent of the young sweethearts in 2012's Moonrise Kingdom. Set in the '60s on a New England island, Moonrise film follows Suzy and Sam, troubled preteens who write love letters to each other before deciding to run away together. The young star-crossed lovers at the center of the camp-themed coming-of-age film really just melt your heart.

Wes's films always incorporate a romantic coupling, exes, or a love triangle, and the characters involved are usually full of witty advice and observations on relationships. So until we see how Zero and Agatha's love story plays out in The Grand Budapest Hotel, let's look back at the couples and ex-couples from Wes movies along with their lines on love's redeeming, disappointing, and confusing qualities.

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