Weird Sex Statistics

Is it just me, or do your conversations also tend to always include something about sex? If you can relate, check out these weird statistics about sex and our bodies. They're totally unnecessary to know, but could make great conversation at the next dinner party you attend!

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How long does the average sex session last (foreplay not included)?
Seven minutes
11 minutes
18 minutes
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Once a man reaches orgasm, how many sperm are ejaculated?
40 million
40 billion
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How many calories do you burn from 30 minutes of sex (foreplay included)?
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T/F: If a woman has an orgasm after a man ejaculates inside her, it increases her chance of becoming pregnant more so than if she has no orgasm.
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Which male sex problem is more common?
Erectile dysfunction
Premature ejaculation
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What's the average size of an erect male penis?
Four to five inches long
Six to seven inches long
Eight to nine inches long
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When weighing yourself, how much weight do C-cup breasts add to the scale?
3/4 of a pound
Two pounds
Six pounds
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What percentage of women have faked an orgasm at least once?
15 percent
29 percent
48 percent
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