Wanna See Whose Vote Really Counts? Hello, Delegates!

It could be the hallmark sighting of the convention: not a motorcade or a famous face, but the snappy festivity of the couldn't-be-prouder delegates. Every single one of these folks was happy to have their picture taken in their convention finery — after all, they are about to be called upon to have a direct hand in the nomination of their party's candidate.

From this local Denver trio to the lady in pink who proudly told me she's a superdelegate, every single one was happy to share the experience. And from the excitement of each delegation sounding off on the convention floor, the wacky hats are just scratching the surface of their spirit. One of the sassy-clothed gals I met is ready to cast her vote for Hillary tomorrow and is ready to hear her speak tonight. We're anxiously awaiting her speech, too!

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