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Ouch! Vintage Valentines With Bite

Ouch! Vintage Valentines With Bite

Not all vintage valentines are lovey-dovey — some are downright mean! From the 1840s to 1940s, if you wanted to send an anti-Valentine's Day sentiment, you'd do so with an anonymous vinegar valentine. Annebella Pollen, an expert in these burn-book-worthy cards, explains them as "a cheaply made card, with a printed satirical image that mocks the recipient and has a little doggerel verse underneath, usually four- or six-lined, describing some aspect of their personality and dismissing it." Read the full interview on Collector's Weekly to find out more about this historical hate mail. Check out some of the shockingly nasty vinegar valentines now! And none for Gretchen Wieners, bye.


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