Vampires in Popular Culture

Vampire Falls: From Horror Tale to Love Story

Vampire Falls: From Horror Tale to Love Story

What kind of vampire wanders about in daylight, sports no fangs, and politely declines glasses of lukewarm blood? The most popular one in the world! Edward Cullen, who will be taking Bella down the aisle (and to the bedroom) in the fourth Twilight flick Breaking Dawn Part 1 out today.

For a genre born out of the dark side, it's become awfully lighthearted. And it's not just human blood these modern vampires are turning away, Twilight's Edward saves himself for marriage even though he's 100-plus years old. The chaste message has caused many to question if today's vampires in pop culture are setting unrealistic and unhealthy expectations for the young girls fantasizing about finding their own brooding 100-year-old virgin vampire. While boys are receiving a very different message from porn, video games, and action movies.

But the concern does raise another pressing question: when did this blood-sucking villain go soft? See how vampires in pop culture went from scary to sexy.