Using Protection: Vatican Defends Pope on Condoms

Earlier this week, Pope Benedict XVI took a controversial stance against condoms when it comes to AIDS prevention. World health experts and the French government have come out against the Pope's position, and German Catholic bishops are hinting at dissent. But, the Vatican is sticking to the Pope's belief that condoms make the AIDS problem worse.

Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi defended the Pope yesterday, saying condoms can lead to risky behavior. He also said Pope Benedict XVI was simply continuing the position of his predecessors that fidelity within heterosexual marriages and abstinence are the best ways to stop the disease.

Since the Pope maintains that AIDS cannot be overcome by the distribution of condoms, health workers in Africa fear that their progress will be stalled among the growing number of Catholics.

Adding some sense to the debate, one Catholic bishop in Germany clarified his own stance: "Anyone who has AIDS and is sexually active, anyone who seeks multiple partners, must protect others and themselves." Amen!