Underage Sex Scandals

Enraged and Underage: Shocking Teen Scandals

Enraged and Underage: Shocking Teen Scandals

Almost 13 years since a 17-year-old Britney Spears posed seductively on the cover of Rolling Stone, minor Dakota Fanning's Cosmopolitan cover is raising eyebrows. Dakota is wearing more than her bra, yet the explicit cover lines might make you do a doubletake. "His Best Sex Ever," or "Um, Vagina Are You Okay Down There?" share the cover with Dakota, who will turn 18 next month.

Despite the racy topics next to Dakota, perhaps outrage over this suggestion of underage sexuality is getting a little old. After all, my obsession with Cosmopolitan probably peaked at 17. So why not put a star on the cover that many readers can relate to? To find out where you stand, we've rounded up both the slightly silly and serious examples of underage scandals, including teen brides, a toddler in a Pretty Woman hooker outfit, or provocative photo shoots. We want you to vote on each: are they harmless or perverse?


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