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UK to Air Terminally Ill Man's Suicide on Television

UK to Air Terminally Ill Man's Suicide on Television

Tomorrow night a documentary about a terminally ill man will air on British television. This won't be live TV, as the moment the man ends his life by drinking a lethal dose of sedatives and setting a timer to switch off his ventilator will be shown.

The subject of the documentary is Craig Ewert, a 59-year-old father of two, whose life will soon be cut short due to motor neuron disease (MND), which has also taken away the use of his legs. Instead of continuing in his sick body (he calls it a "living tomb") Craig decides to go to a Swiss clinic and end his life with his wife of 37 years by his side.

Pro-life groups are among the critics who think the documentary should not be played on television. Some worry that airing the action could influence others to commit suicide. Do you think the suicide should be shown? Would you watch it?


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