It's not easy being a bridesmaid (much less being the maid of honor), with plenty of responsibilities to keep in mind and bachelorette parties to plan. But it's a significant role in a friend's or sister's life to stand beside the bride on her big day. We've seen plenty of good and bad examples of bridesmaids on screen and in real life, but what kind are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Where can you be found at the wedding reception?

In the bathroom, arguing with a bridesmaid

On the dance floor with a hot groomsman

All over, keeping things running smoothly

With the bride, duh

Outside, smoking

With the groom

Pick a bridesmaid dress.


Your friend tells you she's engaged. You . . .

Call the fiancé to congratulate him

Scream and start jumping up and down

Pull up Pinterest and start a wedding board for her

Chug a bottle of wine

Look up all her fiancé's hot friends on Facebook

Start crying (not happy tears)

Choose your "something blue."

Nail Polish
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Where are you throwing the bachelorette party?

At the cabin we went to growing up

My house

It's a weeklong road trip with various cities

At the same bar as the bachelor party

New York City

Vegas, baby!

Who is your wedding date?

I'll be finding my date there (wink)

Flying solo, thanks for reminding me

I won't have time to deal with a date

The groom, just kidding

My significant other

My best friend who wasn't invited

How would you describe your dream wedding?




City Hall



How do you feel about the bouquet toss?

I'm usually preoccupied by that point . . .

Not to brag, but I ALWAYS catch it

It's a bit outdated

It's tradition, so I'm for it

Just kill me and get it over with

OMG I love it!

Which wedding gift will you give the happy couple?

Grill set
Personalized mugs
Bar essentials
Gift card
Kitchenaid mixer

Which wedding movie is your favorite?

Bride Wars

Wedding Crashers

The Wedding Planner

Corpse Bride

Father of the Bride

My Best Friend's Wedding

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