TresSugar/SELF Magazine Casual Sex Survey Results

Casual Sex by the Numbers: Our Exclusive Survey Results!

TresSugar/SELF Magazine Casual Sex Survey Results

I hope you're in the mood, because we're excited to reveal the results of our exclusive TrèsSugar/SELF Magazine casual sex survey! We asked 2,000 single women, ages 18 to 63, what they really think about no-strings-attached sex and discovered almost all women have done it at least once, and most don’t regret it. While the potential negative consequences also weigh on the minds of single women, most consider casual sex fun and don't need a relationship to satisfy their desires.

With our survey results, we're breaking down these attitudes by the numbers. Curious about how many partners women have on average, how many of us use protection, and the number-one reason we do it in the first place? Read on. Some of the answers might surprise you.


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