Transgender Beauty Could Be America's Next Top Model

Transgender Beauty Could Be America's Next Top Model

The upcoming Season of America's Next Top Model embraces diversity as usual. Twenty-two-year-old Isis, who identifies as a woman but born physically male, will compete as the show's first transgender contestant.

While GLAAD hails the choice as an unprecedented opportunity for visibility, Isis has a more humble assessment of her role in breaking societal barriers for trasngender individuals — Isis has explained: "I like to help people, but I'm here to follow my dreams."

While it probably can't hurt the CW's ratings (and we all know Tyra loves publicity), featuring a beautiful transgender contestant could also help the trasngender community gain mainstream acceptance by breaking stereotypes.

If you're a big ANTM fan Buzz has the skinny on the rest of the contestants, and Bella has predicted how Tyra will handle makeover day. I wonder if Isis's gender identity will be a major theme of the show, or whether it will be something viewers easily forget.

Photo courtesy of The CW.