Tony Bennett and James Taylor Perform at 2008 DNC

Tale of Two Concerts: Taylor, Bennett, and Rock the Vote

This couldn't have been a more surreal pairing last night — within the span of 20 minutes we saw James Taylor sing "You've Got a Friend," Tony Bennett sing, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," and sing a duet together, which was awesome and warranted the held-up cell phone for my mom and then! We headed over to the Rock the Vote concert featuring Fall Out Boy for a whole different scene.

From fancy appetizers and mingling at the James Taylor show (it was an event in honor of Speaker Nancy Pelosi) where Rep. Charlie Rangel was working crowd control with his pretty impressive whistle (Seriously. It stopped people's cocktail chatter dead) to the crazy DJ/laser show/MTV crowd at Rock the Vote, I bet even Buzz's musical sensibilities would have had whiplash.

At Rock the Vote they had you text in why you think it's important to vote, which I did, saying that I wanted John McCain to be my next president (and apparently I got what they thought I deserved as I'm now signed up for some sort of update/alert service. Sigh.) It was awesome and like a crazy dream, and we're still both totally sleep deprived — but hey, if Nancy Pelosi can party like a rock star, well, I'll see if I can keep up.

To see a clip of James Taylor's iconic song live and more photos, read more.

Former CA Gov. Gray Davis and wife on the left.

Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel on stage!