The couple that learns together, stays together. Truth be told, there's no better way to keep your relationship fresh and fun than by trying out new things in your spare time. Since Fall is all about going back to school, we love the idea of going back to school as a couple — sort of. You don't have to hit the books but you can certainly find ways to soak up knowledge and share it with one another. Read on for 40 ideas of things to learn that will make you an even more awesome couple than you are now.

  1. How to speak the language of a country you plan to visit together
  2. How to cook a romantic meal
  3. How to play a new instrument
  4. Important self-defense moves
  5. Home improvement skills, like painting like a pro
  6. How to build a fire for camping trips
  7. The moves to romantic dances like tango or salsa
  8. A new sex position
  9. How to play a Fall sport like soccer
  10. What it takes to do improv
  11. How to make killer cocktails
  12. Fancy dining etiquette
  13. How to rock climb
  14. Yoga moves to practice together
  15. How to make ceramics, Ghost style
  16. How to really listen
  17. Everything about your childhoods
  18. How to give a sensual massage

Read on for more things to learn this Fall!.

  1. How to take awesome photos
  2. How to draw or paint each other
  3. How to give good oral sex
  4. How to nail a bowling strike
  5. How to take on a DIY project
  6. How to set up a tent
  7. How to give CPR
  8. How to mountain bike
  9. How to play poker
  10. How to rollerblade
  11. Martial art or karate moves
  12. How to give a really good lap dance
  13. How to make candy at home
  14. The history behind your own city
  15. How to use a French press
  16. How to write memorable poetry
  17. How to get your personal finances in order
  18. A new subject at your local community college
  19. The secret things that turn each other on
  20. How to knit a scarf
  21. How to fight fair
  22. The little things you love about each other