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Sunday Confessional: The Phlegm Café

Dear Sugar

At my old job, there were nine people in my department, including our manager. I was the only female in the group, but I'd been there longer than everyone except for my boss. When the company changed computer systems, they chose one person from each department to learn the system in advance and train the rest of their department. I was the person chosen on my team.

The second day the system went live, my department was extremely busy, working hard to get used to the system and ironing out all the bugs. The president of the company, an ancient and nasty man who bears both a physical and emotional similarity to Mr. Burns of "The Simpsons," walked up to everyone's desks individually, and asked them to join him in the conference room for a status meeting about the computer system.

He asked all of the men in the department to come to the meeting, then stopped at my
desk. He asked me if I was busy, and although I was, I told him I had a few minutes if he wanted to meet with me. He said, "No, I don't need to meet with you, but since you're not busy, would you run to the kitchen and get me a cup of coffee?"

I was absolutely outraged, and the guys in my department were shocked. Not only was his order incredibly sexist, but I knew the computer system better than anyone in the department, including my boss. While the guys went into the conference room, I, in a fury, went to the kitchen to get him his coffee.

First, I picked a used styrofoam cup out of the trash. Then, I hocked a loogie in the bottom of the cup before pouring the coffee and adding the cream and sugar. I know it was a childish and disgusting thing to do, but I'd never been so angry in my entire life.


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