Sunday Confessional: I Found A Change Purse On The Street...

Dear Sugar,
A couple of nights ago I was walking home from dinner when I saw a change purse lying on the ground. It was about 30 yards away from the restaurant I had just left. I picked it up and found that it was full of coins and $340 in rolled bills. There was no ID, business card, or even a credit card. I wasn't sure what to do, but all I knew is that I didn't want to leave it on the street.

If there was some way for me to get the change purse back to it's rightful owner, I would have definitely returned it. I guess I could have walked it back over to the restaurant, but I knew that it didn't belong to them... so I decided to keep it. I know that it was wrong for me to have taken it, but what are the chances that the bartender or wait staff wouldn't have just kept it for themselves?