Summer-Camp-Inspired Wedding in California

Ari and Stacy's Summer-Camp-Inspired Wedding

Ari and Stacy's Summer-Camp-Inspired Wedding

Stacy and Ari met as staffers at a Summer camp, so when it came time to plan their wedding, they looked to the important place in their personal history for inspiration. Called the Lair of the Golden Bear, the camp "has always been a huge part of our relationship," says Stacy, associate managing editor at POPSUGAR. "Ari proposed to me during a weekend spent up at the Lair, at a sunset lookout spot I always envisioned having my wedding. Since meeting and getting engaged there seemed like enough, we decided to have a camp-like wedding elsewhere."

The Location

"It was really important for us to choose a space that was very inclusive for all the guests but also a little secluded from the outside world — just like Summer camp! We found Dawn Ranch Lodge in Guerneville, CA, early in our venue search, and it was immediately the right fit. Most of our guests could stay in little rustic cabins on site (no TVs!), and we were able to have prewedding events like a campfire/sing-along, lawn games, yoga, a river float, and the rehearsal dinner, as well as all the day-of events right there at Dawn Ranch."

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Source: Carrie Richards Photography