Summer Camp Helps International Enemies Become Friends

Every summer kids from conflict-ridden regions attend the Seeds of Peace international summer camp in Maine. But this camp isn't just a chance for these children to have fun in America. At Seeds of Peace campers come face-to-face with their enemies, and together participate in a conflict-resolution program designed to help them confront differences and bring new understanding back home.

While arm-in-arm with her new Palestinian friend, Israeli 15-year-old Nadia Tibi told BBC: "Seeds of Peace is the best experience that ever happened to me. I've met people I never thought I would meet." On Fridays campers are invited to attend both Muslim and Jewish Services, so the can learn about one another’s religion and traditions.

Seeds of Peace began in 1993 with the hope that when teenagers see the human faces of their enemies, they will become a catalyst for a human solution when they grow up. Do you think a small group of leaders with this summer camp experience can make a difference?