Subtle Sexism in Shots of Sarah Palin's Shoes?

Subtle Sexism in Shots of Sarah Palin's Shoes?

I don't know if you've heard, but Sarah Palin is a woman. That's not such a secret. What's interesting about her persona and candidacy is that she makes no effort to downplay her femininity or her role as a super hands-on mother — she's not pantsuiting it up or hiding her feminine ways (no judgment on Hillary, of course. Some gals like a good pantsuit.).

I've been noticing the different style of photos of Palin from the get-go, but uproar over one particular photo — one showing a male supporter's face looking up through the legs of the governor — this week sent me on a hunt to see just how prevalent the trend might be. There were not just a couple, but a shoe-store full of 'em.

I'm no wacky feminist conspiracy theorist, but I will say, this photo of Palin's gams snapped at the veep debate, shown above . . .? No corresponding calf shot of Biden, you can bet on that. Here's my question: Are these just artsy shots, a different way to cover a candidate — one who makes no effort to conceal her legs or girlishness (see: Pit bull in lipstick, hockey mom, etc.)? Or is there a subtle (or not-so-subtle) sexist undermining aspect to the shoe shots?

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