Sofia Coppola Movie Quotes

Sofia Coppola's Greatest Lines on Growing Up Girl

Sofia Coppola's Greatest Lines on Growing Up Girl

Happy birthday, Sofia Coppola! The director, who turns 42 today, has been working on her latest film, The Bling Ring (out June 14). It stars Emma Watson as the latest — and, arguably, least likeable — Sofia Coppola heroine. And the group is an elite one, as Sofia has only directed five full-length feature films: The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, Somewhere, and now, The Bling Ring. Besides dreamy atmospheric shots and an emphasis on music, Sofia's films are known for exploring the expectations, complexities, and trials of growing up as a girl and what it means to be a woman. Click through for some of the most poignant lines from Sofia-directed films on female adolescence, motherhood, and everything in between.


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