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Gifts For Funny Friends: Internet Sensations Turned Into Books

Gifts For Funny Friends: Internet Sensations Turned Into Books

Blogs to books, Tumblrs to tomes, posts to page-turners: it seems like as soon as a Twitter account, blog, Tumblr site, or YouTube video goes viral, a book deal soon follows. The latest site to get a book deal is He Texted, the brainchild of Lisa Winning and Carrie Henderson Mcdermott. Launched in October, the blog is a forum for women to post ambiguous texts from guys and get feedback in the form of comments or poll options — "he's into you," "he's not into you," or the "verdict is still out."

Recently, the guys behind the too-funny (and sometimes too-true) Sh*t Girls Say released a book version of their Twitter and videos poking fun at what women say, and the Suri's Burn Book Tumblr hit bookshelves in September. For some, it may seem pointless to pay money for a book replicating something you can enjoy for free online. But many of these coffee-table books and memoirs inspired by Internet sensations include fresh content and/or they are packaged in an artistic way. If you're looking for gift ideas this holiday season for the funny ladies in your life, check out these hard-copy editions of some of our favorite female-inspired Internet hits!


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