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Signs of the Sexy Times: Sex Slang Quiz

Today we learned a new sex-related slang term, "air sex," thanks to a National Enquirer story that alleges Katy Perry found out ex Russell Brand was doing it. Air sex, which is having "sex" with an invisible person, is the latest in a slew of creative dating, relationship, and sex jargon popping up in the last few years. Whether these sexy words have made it into news stories or are just signs of the dating times, here are some suggestive slang terms you may not know about. Take our quiz to see if you are on top of your modern sex slang game! Let's start with solodex — do you know what the term means?

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T/F: A solodex is a list (rolodex) of your single guy friends you may want to date one day.
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I had ______ today after sleeping with that guy last night!
A banger
A bangover
A bang tidy
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Sexsomnia is . . .
Having sex while sleeping
Dreaming about sex
Spontaneously falling asleep during sex
Not being able to have sex unless asleep
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If you've been _______, the guy you were dating has dropped out of thin air.
Ghost slapped
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What turned out to be a bad translation of rape in Swedish slang?
Sex by surprise
Date bombing
Sex grenade
Glitter bombing
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T/F: Flexting is flirty texting.
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If you're cupcaking with your boyfriend, you're . . .
Having sex in the kitchen
Doing it while watching cooking shows on TV
Having a snuggle fest
Feeding each other cupcakes in bed
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