Seattle Four Seasons Wedding

Julie and Jason's Sweethearts in Seattle Wedding

Julie and Jason's Sweethearts in Seattle Wedding

It's time to celebrate the most romantic season of the year with our featured weddings! Each week we will be sharing an inspiring real wedding with insight from the bride on everything from the decor details to the honeymoon plans, as well as lots of gorgeous photos from the big day. Pin your favorites to take part in our Pinterest contest — you could win a romantic getaway! Today we share a wintry wedding in Seattle.

Julie was the first of all her high school and college friends to get married. And both she and her fiancé, Jason, were the first of their generation in their families to tie the knot. Julie recalls, "The excitement and enthusiasm that surrounded our wedding was incredible and made the entire day far better than we could have ever imagined." But before we get to their November Seattle wedding, let's go back to a few Summers before, when they met.

Julie, who was living in San Francisco at the time, was out to dinner with some girlfriends on a Saturday night, when they were approached by two gentlemen, one of whom would become her husband. "After introductions were made," Julie recalls, "the guys nixed the chitchat and asked us if we would be interested in joining them — complete strangers — and a few of their friends in a limo to go wine tasting in Napa the following day." Julie and her girlfriends didn't commit, but the guys offered a time and place to meet them in the morning. "Lucky for them," Julie says, "we decided to show up." Had they not, Julie jests, "it would have been five guys in a 10-person limo going wine tasting in Napa. As my husband now describes the weekend, he and his friends were 'fourth and long' when they approached us at that restaurant." The bravado paid off, and after a friendship that quickly turned into a romance, Julie and Jason are now in it for the long run.

While they were dating, Julie and Jason moved down south to Los Angeles. But she decided to have the wedding in Seattle, where she grew up and where most of her family lives. Julie describes her November wedding as "wintry, romantic, and traditional." See photos of the wedding and reception, which took place at Seattle's Four Seasons, now, and learn how it all came together.


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