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Bachelor Sean's Best Shirtless Moments

Bachelor Sean's Best Shirtless Moments

The Bachelor has always offered gratuitous eye-candy shots of the man who's vying for women's hearts, but this season, Sean Lowe's abs deserved a rose of their own. We saw shirtless Sean just about everywhere: in his closet, in the shower, during workouts, in the pool, on the beach, and even in freezing Canadian temperatures. The over-the-top shirtless montages gathered lots of attention, and Sean was able to laugh about it, too, joking on Twitter: "Believe it or not I actually wear a shirt when I work out." As we approach the end of his season, take a look at Sean's best, most hilarious shirtless moments. And don't forget to check out our Bachelor recaps for even more sexy shots!

Source: ABC

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