Scotland Says No to Massive Windfarm and Job Creation

The Scottish government has refused a plan to build a massive windfarm, which would have produced significant amounts of renewable energy. Local authorities and businesses supported the plan, as a way to create at least 600 jobs and give Scotland a market edge in renewable-energy production. Around the world, individuals and corporations looking for a financial windfall are eager to invest in energy from the air.

So is the Scottish government anti-environment? Quite the opposite, actually. The 181 wind turbines — each 140 meters tall, mounted in concrete bases of up to 1,000 cubic meters — would have been build on the Lewis Peatlands Special Protection Area, a habit for legally-protected bird species. Thus, it did not comply with EU environmental protection laws.

When businesses push for environmental solutions that ironically have a negative impact on the environment, is greed, rather than green, behind the plans? If governments want to recruit industries and corporations, do they have to allow for some collateral damage?