Sarko Le Junior Wins in France!

Well at least one Sarkozy didn't get beat up in France's municipal elections this past weekend. Jean Sarkozy, the 21-year-old hottie/son of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, won a seat on a local council, and will represent the Parisian suburb of Neuilly. Jean may have had a name recognition advantage, as his Papa served as the posh suburb's mayor for almost 20 years.

Meanwhile, President Sarkozy's party got pummeled at the polls. The Socialist opposition party won 47.5 percent of the overall vote for the country's municipal councils, while Sarkozy's Union for a Popular Movement won only 40 percent. The French President's popularity has been dwindling recently.

Félicitations, Jean! Check out these actions shots of the soon-to-be-elected Jean going to the polls. Oh la la.