Sarah Palin Labor Day Tea Party Rally

Tea Party Faithful Show Up to Support Maybe-Candidate Sarah Palin

Tea Party Faithful Show Up to Support Maybe-Candidate Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin drew twice as many supporters as GOP front-runner Mitt Romney this weekend at a Labor Day Tea Party event in New Hampshire. The former governor and vice presidential candidate continues to give pseudo stump speeches to campaign-style crowds in strategically important states. But although Palin also completed a half-marathon this weekend, coming in second in her age bracket, she's still denying any intent to run — for president.

Palin's supporters wished she would though, chanting, "Run, Sarah, run" at the rally. But there's not much time, nor room in the race left. As a currently serving Congresswoman with an Iowa straw poll win under her belt, Michele Bachmann could make a similar, yet stronger candidate than Palin, and she also appeals to the Tea Party base. Plus, Bachmann's campaign manager stepped down yesterday, citing health concerns, while also stating that he thinks it's currently a race between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

On the other side of the spectrum, President Obama gave his own campaign-like speech in Detroit on Monday after a couple of days with his family at Camp David. Aretha Franklin was on hand, as the president heard chants of "four more years," but he still has to wait months to find out who he'll face. Do you think Sarah Palin will throw her hat in the ring?

Check out pictures from the dueling rallies now.

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