Retro 1960s Wedding Inspiration

Weddings Through the Decades: 1960s Inspiration

Weddings Through the Decades: 1960s Inspiration

In the wake of the conservative, buttoned-up 1950s came the flower power counterculture of the '60s: civil rights, the sexual revolution, and the women's liberation movement. While marriage held the utmost importance in the '50s, the role of women and wives began to change in the following decade. Along with Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique came the rise of feminism, which questioned women's position in society. Meanwhile, legendary musicians were at the top of the Billboard charts: The Beatles, The Supremes, Grateful Dead, and Bob Dylan. Men started adopting the mop-top hairstyle, while women wore everything from beehives to Twiggy-inspired pixie cuts. Hoping to channel the '60s for your big day? From mod styles to daisy accents, these creative ideas will kick-start your inspiration.


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