Republican National Convention 2012 Instagram Pictures

Our RNC Instagram Diary

Our RNC Instagram Diary

One down, one more to go! We just finished up reporting live from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, and we'll be venturing over to Charlotte, NC, for the Democratic National Convention next week. But before Obama's big week, we want to share our RNC adventure with some candid Instagram snaps.

It's been an eventful few days covering the conservative convention, to say the least. We got to Tampa on Monday night, but the first day was canceled due to Tropical Storm Isaac. We were there when the GOP kicked things off on Tuesday, and when Mitt Romney officially accepted his nomination last night. Considering the Republicans — namely, Rick Santorum, who spoke the first night and Romney's VP pick, Paul Ryan — have had a less than ideal record on women's issues, we were curious to be on the ground. And while there were plenty of Romney-supporting women inside (decked out in patriotic garb), there were also some very vocal women protesting the party's stance on women's reproductive rights.

Check out our pics from the RNC of the celebrities we interviewed, the patriotic ladies at the event, and other behind-the-scenes shots now. And to see what we'll be up to at the DNC, follow TrèsSugar on Instagram!