Remembering Tim Russert

Remembering Tim Russert on Meet the Press

I'm at a loss this morning, in the span of time usually devoted to coffee and Tim Russert on Meet the Press, his absence is deafening. This morning, in lieu of the regular show, they're running a tribute to Russert. The long-running show began in 1947, and Russert has helmed the ship since I can remember.

I've been reading some of the poignant tributes to Russert this morning, and pouring through pictures and trivia about Meet the Press — here are some of my favorites.

Every president since John F. Kennedy has appeared on the show during their career. The answers to these next two facts are pictured above: Who is the most frequent guest? And who had the longest span of time between first appearance and most recent appearance?

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Bob Dole has been the most frequent guest, with 63 appearances to date.
Ted Kennedy has clocked almost 45 years between his first appearance and most recent one.

When the Chicago Tribune says NBC lost more than a newsman, they're right. "If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press," will never be the same.