Reality TV Bad For Girls

The 9 Deadly Sins of Reality TV Women

The 9 Deadly Sins of Reality TV Women

As grown women we find entertainment and redeeming qualities in our favorite guilty-pleasure reality TV shows, but many of them aren't meant for a prepubescent audience — and for good reason. New research from the Girl Scouts says that reality TV is making girls meaner and vainer, with a higher percentage of the girls who watch reality TV saying that gossip is normal between girls and that a girl's value is based on her looks. More of the reality-TV-watching girls, ages 11-17, also said they have to compete for a guy's attention and that they are happier when dating someone. On the positive side, they ranked higher for believing in themselves as leaders. So they are mean girls with confidence? We decided to look into some of the not-so-great qualities that the women of reality TV shows promote, whether they recognize it or not, and then ask you which has the most negative effect on young girls. Tune in now!

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