Rashida Jones on Love and Life

Rashida Jones Shares Her Thoughts on Love

Rashida Jones Shares Her Thoughts on Love

We have a major girl crush on Rashida Jones, who turns 37 today. Last night, Rashida got an early start to the celebrations at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Last year, we spoke with the actress about her new movie Celeste and Jesse Forever, which follows a former couple trying to remain friends as they go through a divorce. Rashida plays Celeste to Andy Samberg's Jesse, and she cowrote the screenplay with her longtime friend Will McCormack.

When we sat down with Rashida, she told us that a lot of the film's emotional makeup was derived from reality. She said, "The essence of that relationship between Celeste and Jesse is very much like me and Will [McCormack]." When talking about relationships, Rashida is honest and pragmatic, and her insights obviously informed the authentic tone of the movie. Read on for more quotes on love from our interview with Rashida.

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