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Day 2 on the Scene at the RNC: Paul Ryan Accepts While Protesters Disrupt

Day 2 on the Scene at the RNC: Paul Ryan Accepts While Protesters Disrupt

On day two of the RNC, we heard from number two on the ticket: Paul Ryan. Based on the continuous stream of camera flashes I saw go off throughout his speech, Ryan has real star power with Republicans. Earlier in the night, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez also hit the right notes for the crowd, driving home the conservative-friendly narrative of an American dream realized by hard work and individuality. Although the high-profile Republican women got plenty of applause, the enthusiasm was nothing compared to that exuded for Paul Ryan, who seemed to relish in charming the audience. He pointed to the crowd with a sly smile after he delivered a one-liner and paused to let the crowd boo upon mentions of Obama.

However, it wasn't all support for Paul Ryan on Wednesday. Just like during Rick Santorum's Tuesday-night appearance, a protest from the audience disrupted the speech. During Ryan's speech, one woman held a pink banner that read "Vagina — Can't say it. Don't legislate it." Another shouted, "My body, my choice." Security escorted them out, and the Republican delegates responded in the way they know best: by chanting, "USA! USA! USA!"

Earlier in the day, there was some nonpartisan excitement — a marriage proposal on the convention stage. Speaking of nonpartisan, on Wednesday, I also stopped by a cocktail and dinner event put on by The Creative Coalition, a nonpartisan nonprofit that advocates for funding of the arts. The Creative Coalition had gathered actors including Evan Handler, Tim Daly, and Rachael Harris in Tampa to talk to policy-makers about the importance of funding the National Endowment For the Arts and to promote the educational and economic benefits of the entertainment industry. Get the story on all that and more in my breakdown of day two at the RNC!


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