Prince Harry Moves Fast — Under Investigation For Speeding

Britain's Prince Harry is a speedy operator. . . or at least he travels with them. In the UK, police are answering to claims that a car carrying Prince Harry (to London nightspot Boujis — clearly a royal emergency) was being driven in a speedy and reckless manner.

The police received a complaint on Wednesday from a driver who claimed he was tailgated by a royal convoy and forced to drive at dangerous speeds to get out of the way.

Allegedly, the princely Audi sped along at more than 100 mph and tried to pass the complaining driver in the outside lane after the Prince's car zoomed up behind with headlights flashing. The driver says, “It was very close. I thought they were going to nudge me. It was frightening. The middle lane was busy so I couldn’t pull back in. I had no option but to accelerate, forcing me well over the 70 mph speed limit to speeds I was uncomfortable with.”

Oh, Harry. Is this probably just a princely prank — or cause for concern? In other Harry news, the prince introduced his girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, to his grandmother — the Queen — at a wedding over the weekend. Now that would be an introduction to get your heart racing.