Politicians Drinking Coffee

Caffeine-Fueled Campaigning Over the Years

Caffeine-Fueled Campaigning Over the Years

This presidential election season, it's important to know where the candidates stand on the issues — but International Coffee Day today, we're wondering: where do they stand on coffee? Historically, presidential candidates, their wives, and other US politicians are for it. Coffee seems to be an integral part of both campaigning and being in office, whether you're schmoozing with voters in local coffee shops, discussing the issues over a cup o' Joe at the White House, or sipping on an exotic blend while meeting with foreign ambassadors.

Of course, not all of our politicians feel the same way about the caffeinated beverage. While Mitt Romney's VP pick, Paul Ryan, was spotted enjoying a cup of Cuban coffee last week, caffeine is a no-go for devout Mormon Mitt. And even Barack Obama is more of a hot tea guy, having told Ann Curry on the Today show in 2008 that he picks leaves over beans. Bill Clinton, however, takes the cake for coffee king; the former president doesn't seem to make an appearance without a cup in hand (wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea are also fans). So see the American politicians, presidential hopefuls, and first wives drinking coffee now!

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