Pictures of Models With Beards at Patrick Mohr Show at German Fashion Week

Why Is It Hard to Look at a Woman With a Beard?

The Patrick Mohr show at German Fashion Week put expected gender appearances in a hairy predicament today. Some models walked the runway topless, but it was the lack of hair on their heads, replaced by hair on their faces, that caught the most attention.

Perhaps it's the bald heads set off with this wispy facial hair — which might not look so good on a man either — that makes the look unsettling. When French artist Jeanne Mordoj wore a beard out to bars in Paris, she got some positive feedback: many stared, but some men hit on her, intrigued by the unexpected hair on her face. She even felt more feminine, saying: "When I put on my beard, I feel my femininity so strongly, maybe even more than without it. I'll miss it."

Jeanne wanted to learn about the things women hide, like hair anywhere but on their heads, and found that a woman wearing a beard is both captivating and revolting. Do you think this runway show proves the same thing?

Source: Getty