Pictures of Matt Damon and Wyclef Jean Helping Hurricane Victims in Haiti

Haitian-American Wyclef and All-American Matt Help Haiti

Haitian-born Wyclef Jean and Matt Damon arrived in Cabaret, Haiti on Saturday to distribute food aid to residents hit by tropical storms. Matt and Wyclef organized the food distribution for the victims of the severe weather and floods, and called on the UN to raise $100 million for 800,000 desperate Haitians.

Four tropical storms hit Haiti in less than a month. Matt said the flooded streets, muddy homes, and cries of hunger, left him speechless, and Wyclef said that "no human should be living like this" in what he called inhumane conditions.

While we know Wyclef is quite the pal of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Matt Damon is not so much a fan of Sarah Palin, they both seem like generous friends of troubled Haitians.