Pictures of Kate Middleton and Prince William at Wimbledon

5 Reasons Sporting Events Can Be Romantic

5 Reasons Sporting Events Can Be Romantic

Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoyed Wimbledon from the royal box this afternoon, beaming as they watched Britain's Andy Murray defeat France's Richard Gasquet. The happy couple and avid tennis fans never stopped smiling, and based on their expressions, you could tell they were engrossed in the match. If you're looking for a Summer date idea, here are five reasons you should follow the lead of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and enjoy a romantic day at a sporting event.

  • The exciting atmosphere is contagious. Judging by the sizable smiles on their faces, William and Kate delighted in Wimbledon's competitive atmosphere. Whether you're seeing a home-run slugger hit one out of the park or top tennis players in the midst of a tense rally, it's extremely exhilarating to watch the world's best athletes compete against each other.
  • You can publicly debut your relationship. If you've been dating on the down low for a while, a sporting event is the perfect chance to declare your love in public. You may run into co-workers or friends while holding hands, giving you perhaps the first opportunity to introduce each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • There might be a kiss cam. It may veer on the side of cheesy, but there's something undeniably sweet about seeing a surprised and sheepish couple with a camera in their faces kiss for the JumboTron; it will probably put you in the mood to steal a kiss yourself. A JumboTron engagement is a different matter, though.
  • It's an excuse to bond. Long before they met each other, both William and Kate were fans of tennis. Just like commoner couples, their shared love of the sport likely brought them closer together. Whether you're rooting for the same team or have a flirty rivalry, a mutual interest in sports means bonding opportunities. And if one partner is clueless, it gives the sporty one a chance to share his or her knowledge, which can be sexy.
  • A win gives reason to celebrate. You can't replicate the adrenaline that comes after your favorite player or home team pulls off a win. With your senses heightened, you'll be happy you have someone you love close by.

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