Pictures of Hot Guys Reading

Books, Puppies, and Grandmas: Things That Make Hot Guys Hotter

Pictures of Hot Guys Reading

What makes a guy hot? We all know it doesn't just come down to appearance, and a lot of what makes a guy so appealing is what isn't seen: personality, humor, intelligence, etc. So when it comes to guys walking down the street, how are we supposed to know what interests they have and what their personality is like? Enter the chick-magnet prop. Whether it's a book, baby, or beard, these man accessories instantly up a guy's hot quotient by hinting at his softer, smarter, or funnier side — and we are powerless to resist. There are even whole sites dedicated to these awww-eliciting combinations like hot guys with puppies and hot guys reading. But not all ladies have the same man-kryptonite, so click through these sexy, prop-toting fellas and tell us what you think makes a guy the hottest.


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