Photos of President Barack Obama Playing Golf in Hawaii, 12/21/2008

President-Elect Barack Obama Shows Off His Swing in Hawaii

Everyone needs a moment of relaxation, especially if you're about to take on the most important elected office in the world. President-elect Barack Obama was spotted playing a round of golf in Hawaii over the weekend with quite an entourage keeping watch. He's in town with his family for the holidays like they do every year and found time to hit the links before he takes office in January. Never straying too far from work, his hotly contended and headline making BlackBerry was strapped to his belt as usual. After admitting that he's "not that good" at golf, Obama enjoyed a lunch of Spam sushi. President Bush gave up golf out of respect for our soldiers, so we'll see if Obama comes under fire for his hobby. Until then, enjoy some shots of Barack Obama hitting the links in his cargo shorts.

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