Photos of Michelle Obama in London for G20

First Lady Flies High on First Trip Abroad

Riding high with a 76 percent approval rating back home (compared to her husband's 66 percent), First Lady Michelle Obama has wasted no time charming the Brits on her first trip abroad as first lady. Meanwhile, angry protesters have stormed the Royal Bank of Scotland and tested police. But let's get back to Michelle for now.

In town for the G20 summit, Michelle and her husband have studied up on protocol for their meeting with the queen (don't shake her hand!!). Since the in-flight etiquette lesson, Michelle has been practicing chitchatting in London.

Today, Michelle and Sarah Brown, the wife of Britain's prime minister, visited a British cancer center. Tonight America's first couple will dine with prominent British women and other world leaders at Downing Street. Rumor has it that Michelle will sit next to JK Rowling! How fun.

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