Photos of Mass Nude Art Installation at Sydney Opera House by Spencer Tunick

No Butts About It: Aussies Embrace Nudity

A cloudy sky didn't stop 5,000 naked art lovers from converging on the steps of the Sydney Opera House in Australia today. Organized by artist and photographer Spencer Tunick, who specializes in mass nude art installations, the event brought out about 2,500 more people than expected. Dubbed Mardi Gras: The Base, the installation was commissioned by the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Here's more:

"Gay men and women lay naked next to their straight neighbours and this delivered a very strong message to the world that Australians embrace a free and equal society," Tunick said.

Apparently, the crowd included a pregnant woman who gave birth right after the shoot. Which got me thinking: I might feel less exposed if I were naked surrounded by thousands of other naked people than I would naked in a cold doctor's office! But I still don't know if I could do it. What about you? Would you participate in something like this?

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Source: Getty